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As project developer, we at Revive aim to create quality and affordable new-build projects that become vibrant residential neighbourhoods in a sustainable way. New-build flats and new-build homes are more than just a property development. Through innovation and energy-efficient technologies, we build your future in the city, with a minimal ecological footprint.

“We build society, not only real estate.”

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Our story

Nicolas Bearelle

Revive is a boyhood dream come true. As a child, I drew my dream houses, but I also wanted to make a brighter future and I wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I met Piet Colruyt, the entrepreneur and investor, a unique collaboration emerged that would forever change the world of property development in Flanders and far beyond. What started in the attic in 2008 is now an international company with many talented revivers.

Piet Colruyt

As a believer avant la lettre, Piet Colruyt was at the founding of Revive and its totally new vision of project development. Even before becoming a director of Revive, one thing immediately appealed to him: the long-term focus of the company. ‘In contrast to the focus on quick money grab of many developers, Revive attaches just as much importance to social and environmental gain as to financial gain,’ says Piet Colruyt.

Alexandre Huyghe

As the grandson of a contractor, I literally grew up on construction sites. I really looked up to my grandfather and wanted to follow in his footsteps. I started at Revive in 2013 as the youngest member of the team. I could never have imagined that 7 years later I would be leading the team to bring our meaningful projects to fruition. While my grandfather specialised in concrete, I am proud that with Revive we are leading the way with more sustainable solutions.

Our achievements

The B Corp certificate

Revive was the first Belgian company to be awarded the B Corp certificate – the most objective proof that social and ecological objectives are at least as important as profit. The B Corp certification enables us to show that, as a company and as an entrepreneur, we consider it important to pursue not only financial value, but also value for people and the environment.

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“We see B Corp as a comprehensive assessment of our impact on all fronts”

Our references

Discover our already completed and sold-out new construction projects here.

‘t Fineer

’t Fineer is a unique and sustainable paradise in Sint-Niklaas, a cosy yet vibrant, centrally located neighbourhood on a human scale.

‘t Fineer


Welcome to the city oasis ’t Fineer is a unique and sustainable paradise in Sint-Niklaas, a cosy yet vibrant, centrally located neighbourhood on a human scale. The redevelopment of this former sawmill is based on the idea of living around a central green zone. The 17...

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Luxury living in the heart of Ghent Ask any local: green, spacious and easily accessible living. it was an all-but-extinct living concept in the centre of Ghent. Until WATT, because on a 1.1-hectare inner-city area, between the Nieuwewandeling and Coupure, this...

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The hidden pearle in Antwerp To the north of Antwerp you can still find quite a few hidden gems. One of them is Kappellen, a town bordering nature reserve Kalmthoutse Heide and the ideal location for a project such as Castelijm!The project was officially finished in...

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Den Indruk

Den Indruk

The way to impress in Bruges Finding a beautiful and affordable home in the centre of Bruges is not easy. That's why we developed Den Indruk, a new-build project on the site of a former printing factory.  Close to the historical centre We checked it ourselves:...

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Revive’s home base is WATT the Firms at Nieuwewandeling 62 in Ghent. WATT The Firms has many different office spaces. As host, Revive ensures that it is not a traditional business centre, but a future-proof way of running a business.