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B Corporation

Revive was the first Belgian company to be awarded the B Corp certificate!

What is B Corp?

With the B Corp certification, you can show that as a company and as an entrepreneur, you consider it important to pursue not only financial value, but also value for people and the environment. At a time when sustainability is increasingly important, this is obviously valuable. The B Corp certificate is the most objective proof that social and environmental objectives are at least as important as profit.

Why B Corp?

B Corp is an American non-profit organisation working to build an international network of companies committed to sustainable projects. B Corp is a community with a cross-pollination between like-minded companies in which we challenge each other and are stronger together in a holistic approach for a better world. We would therefore recommend B Corp to everyone, which is better than any other certification tool.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are World Sustainable Development Goals. For Revive, Sustainable Development is not a buzzword, or a recent ambition imposed on us by interest groups. It is our business model and has been woven into every fibre, into every employee, into every realisation since the company was founded. As our guiding principle, we focus on the SDGs.

B Corp Benelux joined forces with the Shift

B Corp Benelux and The Shift are working together to accelerate B Corp in Belgium. The Shift will help Belgian companies achieve B Corp status and support the existing B Corp Community with initiatives and events.

Together we are a force for good