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Sustainable project developer helping residents live and experience life

We at Revive want you to live. As a sustainable project developer, we bring the history of old, industrial brownfield sites and neglected sites in the heart of the city back to life as the green urban hubs of the future. With smart technology and renewable energy, we make the smallest possible footprint and the biggest possible climate-neutral ambitions, along with our social network. Because Revive helps residents experience life. The dynamism in a Revive neighbourhood is shared by all of its residents, from grandpa Jos to Kamiel the neighbourhood pet rabbit. As is the space, the peace and quiet, the passion for living (communally and privately) sustainably and the vivid stories. Revive also lives with you – whether it’s in the community space or in the communal vegetable garden. What makes your heart beat faster is up to you. Let’s build the beat of society.

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KOMET in Mechelen

A green and sustainable neighborhood

By combining exceptional living quality with a central location and a high-quality public domain, Komet can be called the epitome of future-proof urban living. It will be a neighborhood that adds color to life.

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Revive BMI index for sustainable construction projects on every level

The sustainability of our construction projects goes beyond energy, environment and materials. We also incorporate the social and environmental aspects, guaranteeing sustainable property development on every level. To really concretely measure our sustainability, or we can just say social impact, we use our own sustainability meter.

Also known as the Revive BMI index
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B Corp certificate for sustainable and transparent business

In 2012, Revive was awarded the B Corp certificate and officially joined the B Corp community - all of whom have an emphasis on sustainable and transparent business. So we aren’t only doing good for the environment, but for society too. Discover more about our impact.

Our impact

Temporary use

When Revive purchases an old industrial site, it is the beginning of a long process of design, procedures and permits. In the meantime, these fantastic industrial spaces are empty and locked up. They are ideal locations to give something back to society, the community and creative souls. That's why we encourage pop-up initiatives to arrange temporary use of the sites.

Our temporary site uses
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Revive team

The Revive team is made up of passionate professionals who work together to build a better future. We constantly strive to grow and expand our horizons. What sets us apart is the unique DNA of our team. We want to realise projects with clear social and ecological returns. Driven by a commitment to responsible enterprise – in a sector that has a singular impact on people’s day-to-day lives. Revive is pure. We develop neighbourhoods that we would enjoy living in ourselves.

Meet our team

“Over the course of 11 years, we’ve developed into a wonderful firm, with a large team who can deliver unique results with clear social, ecological and financial relevance. And this relevance has always been a strong driver for us. We don’t just want to sell ideas – above all, we want to realise them.”

Nicolas Bearelle - Executive Chairman

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