About Revive

With Revive, we want to create qualitative and affordable residential areas in a sustainable way. Your future in the city, with a minimal ecological footprint.

Society is changing at a faster pace than ever. Climate change, population growth and accelerated digitalization are only some of the trends that shape our lives and the way we live today. Where people, the planet and profit are concerned, Revive is here to make a change. That’s why we say ‘we build society, not real-estate’. These are the commitments we have made.

#1 We offer a better quality of life

Putting the ‘real’ in ‘real-estate’

At Revive, we pride ourselves on making better and happier places to live for everyone. Space to enjoy nature and social interaction is a key aspect of this. To us, the unbuilt area is just as important as the built area. This is evident from the way we merge our homes and open spaces with each other. This is evident from our simple initiatives such as communal vegetable patches, a place to meet your neighbors.

A green, peaceful, low-traffic neighborhood? Proximity to schools, shops and restaurants? These are no longer just a dream. At Revive, quality and affordability go hand-in-hand, but even more importantly, we make places where everyone can feel at home. A living environment on a human scale.

#2 We have an eye for esthetics and personality

A new class of architecture

Commitment to ecology doesn’t have to stand in the way of esthetics. By giving a new lease of life to abandoned sites with a rich past, we create neighborhoods that exude character and passion. A passion for emblematic building with high-quality finishes.

We create new real-estate frontiers. We push the boundaries with intelligent architecture, modern building techniques, recycling and strictly selecting sustainable building materials. We also work with a carefully chosen range of partners in the sector.

We know that there’s no accounting for tastes though. Our desire to appeal to a wide audience is exemplified in our multiple dwelling types and our statement architecture. We offer maximum personalization. Did you know that we give our architects only a vision statement? We don’t use lengthy specifications with standard sizes. Simply because everyone has different standards. Great architecture doesn’t come from conforming to the norm.

#3 We swear by maximum mobility

Day-to-day life within a stone’s throw

Sustainable transport is still a long time coming. We know that. However, at Revive, we have made every effort to step it up a gear. We realize that ‘accessibility’ and ‘proximity’ mean different things to different people.

That is why we make absolute sure that our projects present the perfect combination between green spaces and city living. Can you have a peaceful area and great views of a vibrant city? Yes. With Revive, you can get the best of both worlds. Our projects are by the city, a station or an exit to a main road. Our residents can travel as they wish: by bike or on foot. In our designs, we also incorporate soft mobility. On-site bicycle parking, stairs next to lifts…you name it. It’s all taken into account.

We don’t ban cars, but we do reinterpret their role. Our vision of mobility translates into low-traffic neighborhoods. We prefer underground parking for cars and above-ground parking for bicycles. Plus, we have EV charging stations ready for the future. For us, people and the environment come first.

Energy and architecture

#4 We actively build your future

Sustainable Development Goals in practice

Our building projects must be 100% future-proof. We take that promise seriously. And this means sustainable cities and communities. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals form part of our DNA.

First and foremost, we devote ourselves only to sustainable urban development. You will never find us cutting up a green area for our plots. Nature over concrete. Not concrete over nature. Revive’s aim is to add green areas, not take them away.

Plus, from the outset we swap CO2 as much as possible for renewable energy and smart technology. By 2025, we aim to be CO2 neutral. Generating energy ourselves through heat pump systems driven by solar panels. Storing that energy in our own microgrids. These are all things we do to make sure our residences are as self-sufficient as possible. Did we also mention already that we purify rainwater to make it drinkable? This is another of just a few of our initiatives within our CO2-neutral goals.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: our approach has even won a B Corporation certification. The ultimate proof of our commitment to the planet.

And there’s still the icing on the cake: lower energy and transport costs, plus an increase in the value of your home. It’s a win-win: for you, the environment and your pocket.

#5 We care about how you live

Welcome home

There’s more to your home than just a building. It’s an interplay of all sorts of aspects, which we take great care to incorporate. Revive sites combine culture, living and leisure more than any other. And we also take into account entrepreneurship. Local trade, workplaces and manufacture often play a crucial role here.

But we can only make everyone feel at home by thinking outside the box. For each project, we consult with local services and neighborhood associations. Regular communication and collaboration are an absolute must to us.

Sustainable transformation