We build society, not only real estate

Our manifesto


Because we know it is not possible to survive on a dead and heartless planet, we are committed to creating a better and liveable world. We want to create a society in which we care for each other and for nature, because that is central to our commitment to a positive future.

Revive is more than just a project developer. We see building as a means of working towards a liveable and quality society for tomorrow. We strive for a better future, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. Our focus is on creating impact and providing perspective.

It is all about people and nature. Social and ecological gains are as important to us as financial success. We look ahead and adjust our course when necessary and we believe that a better and healthier planet is only possible if we also think in the long term. Which is why we deliberately choose a mix of reuse, repurposing, restoration and connection. Together, we want to build (or rebuild) our society.


To create a liveable society, we focus on the core of our society: our cities and the space around them. You, our children, the neighbourhood – we must learn to live together again today and tomorrow. That is why we build vibrant and resilient neighbourhoods in places that are in need of an upgrade. We want there to always be a suitable place for everyone, where we can give and take, where we share and where people can once again meet, live, work, learn and play.

We will not achieve this automatically, but rather by actively working on it and reconnecting with each other. By bringing people together, listening to them, understanding them, talking to them and taking action, we reconnect with each other as a society.


Revive is all about connection – both between people and between people and the local nature. When we realise that everything is connected, we can create a chain reaction in a positive way and strengthen each other, just like in a natural ecosystem.

We do that by looking at Mother Nature, respecting her and learning from her so that we can create a positive impact and take responsibility. Even if that means taking on challenges, playing a leading role or going against the grain.


People, local nature and cities must reinforce each other. Together, we provide a force of nature on which we can build a resilient society. Therefore, we always work with care and respect. We do not renew just to renew, and we do not tear down just to tear down. We preserve and reuse what is good and sustainably improve what is less good, and we always want to do better than what the regulations require. We are striving more than ever to literally build a society; our society. We do this together.

To maximally connect people, animals and nature in our cities and towns, we have established four pillars. We call them the 4 REs: Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-store and Re-connect.


Reuse what is already there, save what is scarce and still free. There is not much space in our cities and towns, so we recycle every underused piece of land. In this way, we want to use all available space to leave a positive impact on our society.

Old industrial sites and vacant buildings and land have a great deal more potential than we think and – once properly designed – can breathe life back into and connect urban neighbourhoods and communities. We not only reuse and rehabilitate underused sites, we also minimise energy and material use. Nothing is more sustainable than using what is already there. That is where the first contours of a sustainable neighbourhood become visible.


Renovate, don’t demolish. We are rearranging and repurposing the spatial disorder and creating enough space to make our dream of a resilient neighbourhood a reality. For each site, we create a future-proof programme tailored to the needs of the surrounding area. The perfect redevelopment always starts with respect for the past, which is why we always preserve and highlight the sites’ valuable heritage elements in our designs.

Time and again, we look for the perfect balance between living, working, playing and learning: a neighbourhood in which everyone can grow. We reunite old and new buildings and allow them to form the basis for tomorrow’s neighbourhood, while respecting the history and heritage of the site. That is where cities and towns of the future are initially given shape.


Restore ecological and social balance. Grey, dull cities are like a noose around the neck of our urban nature. People lose each other amongst the concrete and bricks. That is why we build in a climate- and future-proof manner and we look with great interest at how we can once again create connections.

By leaving a minimal ecological footprint and creating intensive green spaces and nesting opportunities for (domestic) animals, we enable people and nature to reinforce each other. Communal gardens and vegetable gardens are the ideal meeting place. And with thoughtful water and mobility management, we are increasing the quality of life and biodiversity at each site. Places that respect nature and embrace it as a neighbour: this is where a sustainable neighbourhood takes firm shape.


Connect, don’t dazzle. An area that embraces nature as a neighbour subconsciously connects the residents and places it contains. Revive aims to restore social balance and ensure that people once again live, work, relax and play together. Places that embrace, support and care: this is where a caring neighbourhood is given personality.

This is also the reason why we organise temporary fill-in in those locations that have sometimes fallen short in years. We open up the space, we functionally return the space to the existing neighbourhood and we provide creative, meaningful, fine fill-in: this is what we call the first, tangible step towards connection.

And that is what makes us happy: people and nature reconnected in a
renewed environment which is undergoing a complete transformation. Developing: we really don’t do that for ourselves, but rather for a healthier, liveable and connected planet.