Measuring, and increasing, social impact

revive bmi index

We at Revive want you to live. As a sustainable project developer, we bring the history of old, industrial sites and underused land and buildings in the heart of the city back to life as the green urban hubs of the future. We measure the sustainability, or we can just say social impact, of our construction projects using our Build Massive Impact index or BMI index. And it goes beyond just energy, materials and the environment. It also incorporates affordable living, peace and quiet, and space outdoors and indoors. A green and social environment with healthy mobility. Neighbours and neighbourhoods. We assess each sustainable construction project against a total of 48 sustainability goals – which allows us to determine its level of sustainability and to give it a sustainability score: the Revive BMI score.

The Revive BMI index: how we measure the sustainability of our construction projects

The Revive BMI index: an internal sustainability meter

The BMI index is an internal monitoring tool derived from our 5 company values:

  • environmental impact
  • inclusivity
  • convenience for residents and the sharing economy
  • openness
  • health

We link these 5 values to the 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Revive actively contributes towards.

This is what the Revive BMI means for you!

Purpose of the BMI index


We internally oversee the quality of every domestic and international project – whether it’s in Edegem, Brussels or Poland – and we ensure our sustainable Revive DNA is living and breathing. sustainability – with all the developments and changes in materials, construction methods, energy supplies and so on – is in constant flux and makes us strive further and further. For better. We work together to attain maximum sustainability every time and are making our BMI index into a real ‘Revive standard’.


Externally we guarantee transparency across all our projects. For each new property project, the project manager tests all 48 concrete goals against our BMI index and gives them each a separate, objective score.

Still an internal measurement tool, but one day perhaps also a uniform sustainability meter for responsible property development.

Our promise

We formulated 48 sustainability goals or KPIs.

These objectives are our promise to the buyers. Because sustainability has many different forms. So we assess not only the buildings but also the outdoor areas, our impact on residents’ health, access to mobility, cooperation with local traders, the percentage of social housing… Then the final result is an exact sustainability score or Revive BMI score.

Applying the BMI index: your future in Edegem

Sustainability is the basis of every project. This is just as true for Minerve, our pilot project in Edegem. On an old site on the edge of Mortsel and Wilrijk, 330 houses and apartments are being constructed with the maximum of sustainability. With a heat grid, healthy insulation, rainwater collection… We are building in harmony with nature and using various plants and native shrubs to support biodiversity..

Interested to see our full sustainability strategy?