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As a real estate developer, we can make an impact through innovation. The real estate industry faces great challenges, especially in the area of innovation. It is in Revive’s DNA to meet challenges, which is why innovation in proptech (property and technology) is a priority for us.

Innovation event

One of the ways we bring innovation forward is by having an annual innovation event. The Ghent Proptech Start-up Weekend.

Revive innovation in the media

During the innovation event, a Health & Wellbeing team focused on promoting the health and well-being of not only our residents but the entire neighbourhood.

One of the ideas that emerged here won the Ghent Proptech Start-Up Weekend and was picked up by several media outlets.


Award winning concept

This idea became a real concept and won the CIB Digital Innovation Award. After that they went on to present their concept at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

Innovation projects

Furthermore, we organise innovation teams, here we ensure that we have a structure in place to develop innovative concepts and infuse them into our projects. From neighbourhood barns to temporary infill, real estate as a service, WASCO, ESCO and home automation; all are examples of our innovative DNA.


ReLife, experts in growing hemp, and EXIE, specialists in sustainable building, are joining forces to produce locally grown lime hemp insulation material together. Sustainable, circular, ecological and usable as wall, roof, or floor insulation. A perfect match for Revive!


Homate aims to make home automation accessible to everyone and bring it to your home. Controlling your house or apartment remotely becomes child's play. Not only does Homate focus on comfort, but it also offers solutions to make your home more energy efficient! Revive was the perfect springboard to realize the concept on one of our projects.


Werfbuur helps better manage the nuisance of a construction site for the neighbourhood through transparent communication and proactive detection of potential nuisances. A construction site is a complex environment with different actors so not everyone is always aware of the impact on the neighborhood. Yard Neighbor keeps everyone alert and accountable. A perfect partner for Revive.


Using Hemp, we remediate historically contaminated soils in an ecological and natural way. Thanks to our research into innovative bio-based materials, we try to ensure that remediation also pays off for farmers.
Our lines of force:

- Reduce CO2 emissions
- Reduce soil pollution
- Offer ecological alternatives


The housing module is a tool we use on our project websites. It facilitates the search for a home. Buyers can select a plot from the master plan and then immediately see all the useful information. A plot can itself be purchased online through the residential module web shop.

Warmte verzilverd

About 500 meters from our Minerve site in Edegem is the well-known Agfa-Gevaert: a company that processes a lot of energy, resulting in a large amount of residual heat. Instead of being wasted, it is used to supply the entire site thanks to Agfa Gevaert, Warmte Verzilverd and Minerve. An innovative infrastructure resulting in clean energy!

Do you have or do you know a company with innovative ideas or concepts about circular construction, water management, energy transition, home automation, …?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Under the motto 1 + 1 = 3, we want to support organizations in developing their idea or concept. This way we can strengthen each other and expand our network.

Reach out to our impact manager Jeroen!