Flemish Brabant

A sustainable business park? It’s possible!


Brightpark, our project in Machelen, is one of the first full-fledged sustainable business parks in Belgium. The site measures 75,000 m² and can accommodate around 40 businesses; from SMEs (minimum surface area of 215 m²) to large companies (maximum surface area of 13,000 m²).

The unique park design allows for shared infrastructure and services, thereby making optimal use of the available space. By using sustainable materials and recycling building materials wherever possible, sustainable enterprise at Brightpark becomes a reality.General quality requirements, such as social, ecological and economic capacity, multi-functionality, flexibility, accessibility and safety, all serve as guidelines in the design of the spatial structure.

Not only using space, but also leaving space. On a sustainable business park, companies work with each other and with governments to improve their results, reduce their environmental footprint and use the space more efficiently.