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Molenbeek, a neighbourhood in motion

Since 2022, we are proud owners of an exciting industrial site located in the heart of Molenbeek, part of the vibrant city of Brussels. This site will be transformed into a mixed-use redevelopment project with both private and social housing, spaces for business activities, green open areas and community facilities.

The location

The project is located in Molenbeek, a dynamic borough of Brussels, situated along the canal in the Heyvaert neighborhood. This neighborhood, undergoing a true transformation, is a stone’s throw from the small ring of Brussels. Its proximity to the West Station and the Brussels canal emphasize its accessibility and its strategic location between the Quai de l’Industrie, Rue Liverpool and Rue Heyvaert.

Een luchtfoto van een industriegebied langs het kanaal, gelegen in het hartje van Molenbeek. Talloze fabrieken en bedrijven strekken zich uit langs de waterweg, waar bedrijvigheid en handel samenkomen in deze levendige buurt

The project

Revive will devote itself to the redevelopment of the 1.3-hectare industrial site. This site, formerly used for storage and distribution of steel bars since 1922, came into Van Leeuwen’s hands 10 years ago. In 2024, the industrial activities will move to Vilvoorde, making room for an ambitious plan.

Our goals include greening and opening up the site, filling in missing public facilities and creating a productive city with a high density of local jobs. With attention to livability, we aim to create a diverse program of social and private housing. Circularity and heritage conservation are the pillars of our project, with the renovation of industrial halls and the reuse of building materials.

The site was acquired in late 2022. The submission of the building permit is scheduled for mid-2024. Construction work is set to start in early 2025. 

Revive is not alone in this journey; we engaged Communa to inform and consult the public. Meetings with local residents, participation sessions and an advisory committee are just a few steps in our engagement process.

Stalen rekken op de industriële site van Van Leeuwen

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