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🌿 Welcome to our third Revive Magazine! 📖

In this new edition, we focus on the importance of social connection and community building. Especially considering that loneliness has now become a significant societal challenge. As Marc Michils, chairman of Kom op tegen Kanker, emphasizes on (p. 5), “digitisation is certainly important, but nowadays often comes at the expense of social and personal contact.” The good news is that urban planning and real estate development play an important role in this. And at Revive, we take this role seriously.

Have you ever been curious about what it’s like to live in a co-housing project? What if we tell you it’s a place where ‘living together’ can be taken more literally than in a traditional residence, without sacrificing privacy? Does this sound like music to your ears? Then co-housing might be for you! Flip to (p. 14) and be inspired by Susanne and Soetkin, our Community Builders, who proudly call themselves co-housers.

In this edition, we also speak with neighbours Laurie and Nicholas from the ‘small’ Pieter Colpaertsteeg. They share how with the arrival of the WATT-site, from a small alley, they grew into a warm and vibrant community (p. 18). But even before construction begins on our sites, the power of social connection is already strongly felt. A great example is the temporary activities at ‘t Verband (p.16) in Gentbrugge, where colleague Laila will happily tell you more about.

To contribute to reducing loneliness, social alienation, and promoting a deep sense of social inclusion, we gladly receive support from experts in their field. That’s why we collaborate with Communa for our project Aciers Wauters in Molenbeek (see p. 8).

All this and much more can be found in the latest edition of the Revive magazine.

Happy reading,
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