Revive magazine – circularity


♻️ Welcome to the fourth Revive Magazine! 📖

In this edition, we focus on circularity, a theme that concerns everyone. As the effects of climate change become increasingly visible, collective action is more crucial than ever. In the construction sector, circularity goes beyond forward-thinking design and building; it also involves recycling and reusing materials, as well as considering the broader context and environment in which the building is situated.

At Revive, we have been committed to sustainable real estate development for over 15 years. Since 2009, we have used 100% renewable operational energy, and our buildings perform 44% better than the legal energy requirements. Additionally, we aim to minimize embodied carbon, the CO2 released during the production of materials and buildings. We can only achieve this by collaborating with innovative partners and drawing inspiration from experts like professor and structural designer Philippe Block (p. 20).

But circularity goes far beyond energy. We repurpose underutilized spaces, such as old industrial sites and vacant buildings, not only reducing our ecological footprint but also revitalizing many neighborhoods.

Efficient use of materials and water is also crucial. For example, in our Minerve project, we implemented a system to maximize rainwater collection and reuse (p. 14). And that you can create beautiful things with used materials is exemplified by the large artwork in the event space at WATT the Firms. We invited artist Strook for a conversation (p. 10).

Finally, it is important to acknowledge the harsh reality that certain resources are becoming depleted. Renewable materials are increasingly taking center stage, as stated by Hannelore Goens, expert in circular building (p. 4). People are inventive, and fortunately, many entrepreneurs are developing circular products, supported by circular incubators like Circômplex (p.16).

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Be inspired by the stories and projects in this edition of Revive Magazine.

Happy reading!

Team Revive