Revive magazine – Heritage


📚✨ Here is our second edition of the Revive magazine! This time, we take you into the fascinating world of ‘heritage’! 🏛️ We delve deep into some of our inspiring heritage projects – Vynckier in Ghent (p.18), Cavallia in Poznan (p.8), and Stocznia Cesarska in Gdansk (p.12).

🗣️ Innovation and modern architecture. Do they go hand in hand with heritage? We engaged in conversations with some intriguing experts. Mario Santana Quintero (p.10) from Carleton University sheds light on the future of digital research for heritage, emphasizing thermal and infrared photography. Jan De Moffarts (p.23) from Altstadt shares his vision on heritage architecture and emphasizes why it’s crucial to approach heritage smartly and respectfully, using Gare Maritime as an example.

It’s no secret that obtaining permits for heritage sites isn’t always smooth sailing. But we remain optimistic about the future. Flemish Minister of Finance, Budget, Housing, and Immovable Heritage, Matthias Diependaele, points out positive changes on the horizon. “I am delighted that there are developers working with heritage,” he shares (p.4). “That’s why, at the Flanders Heritage Agency, we’ve adjusted our approach: we aim to support rather than control.”

Enjoy the read!