Revive was the first Belgian company to be awarded the B Corp accreditation for its sustainable and transparent approach. This accreditation is the most objective proof that social and ecological aspirations are at least as important as profit.

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What is B-corp?

B Corp is an American organisation that works on building an international network of businesses dedicated to sustainable projects. These companies set the bar high when it comes to social and/or ecological impact, transparency and responsibility.They measure a company's impact on all its stakeholders, staff, suppliers, the society and the surrounding area. Unlike traditional organisations, certified B-Corporations feel an obligation not only to weigh the impact of their decisions based on the interests of their shareholders, but also of their other stakeholders.

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Why is Revive a B Corp?

Revive wants to redefine the established values in a conservative sector such as that of property development. Our unique approach and vision was already awarded the B-Corporation certificate in 2012. Thanks to B Corp, Revive has a clear picture of its added value, a guideline to improve further and a label that can be used as substantiating proof of our concept.

Read more about Revive as B Corp here
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Supplier Code of Conduct

One of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) on which Revive is strongly committed is SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals. That is why we have all our partners sign our Supplier Code of Conduct. B Corp companies not only look at the impact of their products and services, but also pay explicit attention to the sustainability of all aspects of business operations. We want to encourage the companies we work with to pay attention to this. In the code of conduct, Revive outlines the minimum requirements that our suppliers must meet with regard to transparency, labor practices, impact on the environment and society, health and safety.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct

Interested in B Corp?

Do you want to become a B Corp but still have questions? Revive is a proud B Corp ambassador. Our Social Impact expert Susanne will be happy to answer your questions and bring you in contact with the right people. You can reach her via susanne@revive.be