15 years of transforming brown assets into bright communities

Building society

15 years of revive, rooted in purpose

“Not the best of the world,

the best for the world”

At Revive we look at project development as an opportunity to tackle environmental and societal problems and provide tangible answers to some of the world’s biggest challenges: climate change and dignified living standards for all. It’s about taking the lead and doing better for all.
We build on 15 years of experience in buying distressed and stranded assets and turning them into bright communities. We are the change. We deliver the transition, doing more than what’s expected and going beyond current regulations and market standards

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Founded in 2009

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Frontrunner in sustainable development

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250 ha land regenerated

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Extensive track record

Our promise

“Create sustainable Buildings and biodiverse Environments that are Accessible, foster Togetherness and connect with and represent Society”

Discover the beats of Revive

The beats of Revive explained:

Beats of society

Reconnect & Rebalance


Beats of nature

Renew & Repurpose


Reconnect communities 

Apply societal-needs-driven spatial planning. Establish projects as communities, for living and working, where people can connect and engage, share, enjoy and support. Build future communities at micro and macro levels, connecting and gathering users around shared interests and purposes. Design interior and exterior spaces and set up initiatives that foster social cohesion, as well as mental and physical well-being. Discover what we have achieved since 2009:

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Connected communities
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Social, wellbeing, creative & economically themed events
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New space open & accessible to public communities
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Redeveloped space designed for connection

Rebalance housing inequality 

Make it economically feasible for people to live and work in a setting that provides in their personal needs. Develop healthy, sustainable, qualitative, inclusive, accessible and cost-effective projects for all segments of society. Discover what we have achieved since 2009:

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Total number of units for social housing
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units have been built for alternative use

Renew climate stability

Build homes and space for entrepreneurship in respect for planetary boundaries. The footprint of our projects need to apply a carbon budget that aligns with best practice targets in all aspects, and must account for total service life of a building including emissions and consumption impact. Discover what we have achieved since 2009:

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Of all projects use renewable energy, since 2019 this is 100%
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large-scale applier of recycled concrete
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better energy ratings than legally enforced
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new homes were the first with a cooperative heating network

Repurpose land & buildings

Commit to only repurpose existing buildings and distressed assets to create positive change for people and planet. Choose integrity over opportunity. Preserve existing structures to reduce the large consumption of energy required to demolish and replace an old site with new materials. Do more than what’s expected and go beyond current regulations and market standards. Discover what we have achieved since 2009:

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of all acquired land was "impacted land"
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of the built footprint was lowered creating additional open space
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multiplied existing green by 5, restoring nature to a total share of 37%
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permeable soil was more than doubled going from 22% to 55%
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of non build m² is carfree

Interested in the full report? Download the Beats of Revive here

The Beats of Revive

Respect & transparancy at 🖤

Throughout all our endeavours we strive to be a trustworthy partner for all involved: our team, our clients, our investors, our partners and all other stakeholders. Collaborating with Revive stands for channelling your efforts towards a sustainable future and making a profound social and environmental difference. For us, impact investing means doing more than what’s expected and going beyond current regulations and market standards. It’s about taking the lead and doing better for all. Revive was the first developer in the world to achieve the B Corp certification.

With our team of passionate and ambitious experts, we’ve proved the triple value creation by generating strong financial returns alongside the promised impact. As of today, 7 funds have been set up all within the living asset class amongst which 4 development funds and 3 investment funds ( Inclusio being dedicated to purely social housing). Further, as an AIFM, we were the first Belgian real estate fund to obtain art. 9 SFDR compliance and remain to date the only manager to have two art. 9 funds under management specialised in development.

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1st Bcorp real estate developer

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100% ESG compliant

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Active in 3 countries

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80 experts

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500m raised

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