You can invest at different levels with Revive. Large investors, for example, can focus directly on the Revive funds, allowing them to purchase old industrial sites and to rejuvenate them to new residential areas. But smaller investors can also grab fantastic opportunities, for instance by buying one or more homes or apartments, whether to generate rental income or to live there themselves.

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Property as a safe investment

As a primary need, property has always been a very solid investment. Depending on your available capital, personal ambitions and preferences, Revive can assist you with advice on both a first-time purchase of a small apartment and on purchasing a cluster of residential units. More than just for quick profit, you'll find that Revive is a partner that attaches as much importance to social and ecological gain as to financial gain.

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Added value at community level

The strength and specialisation of Revive lies in revitalising neglected sites and neighbourhoods. As an investor, this makes for an added value that goes further than only the returns you get from the purchased property, you also enjoy and profit from the added value that is created at community level. You invest not only in bricks and mortar, but also in a completely new and future-proof story.

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Long-term vision

Revive consciously chooses a sustainable holistic approach for its developments. A mix of energy-friendly construction and timeless architecture, with particular attention to mobility and social dynamics. We offer an honest and respectful answer to living today and in the future. Our long-term vision gives you the guarantee that your investment is ready for tomorrow.

Investing in funds

The funds of Revive attract a heterogeneous group of investors, from institutional players such as Belfius to smaller families and pure-play property entrepreneurs. Revive has been promoting itself to investors through three funds. The first and second Revive funds have enabled us to purchase a large number of old industrial sites in Belgium. The third fund is the Good Life Fund which comprises, on the one hand, a development fund and on the other hand, an investment fund. The latter is a revolving fund aimed at long-term rental returns based on selectively purchased homes and apartments with integrated services and energy solutions.

Interested in investing?

We currently have several projects with exciting returns on your investment. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the options with you.

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