Saffrou: STOOM

In March 2017, we became the owner of the former Saffre-Frères site in Oudenaarde. The future development will be named ‘Saffrou’. There will be houses, apartments, commercial spaces, office spaces, co-working spaces and hospitality services.

Saffrou: STOOM

All this in a green, low-traffic neighborhood. The site has a lot of charm, so we wanted to set up a temporary fill-in. This will be called STOOM !

The name “STOOM” was coined by the collective, Uverlast. Uverlast was founded in 2013 with the intention of bringing people together through the medium of music. With STOOM, Uverlast wanted to go a step further and they became the organizers of our temporary infill. The intention with STOOM is to create a meeting place for all ages and where everyone can find their joy.

In October 2017, we were already visited by the horse theater collective  Cirque Frère Frère that sold out numerous performances!

The organization  Spel en socialisatie vzw, a non-profit organization promoting, among other things, the education and behavior of dogs, was also part of the temporary filling. That way, our beloved four-legged friends could also enjoy the surplus of space we have on the site.

Besides that you could also visit Febe in her store : Sport, Health & Style. Febe’s goal is to make people feel good about themselves, this by means of sport and healthy food based on personal advice. You can find Sport, Health & Style on the corner of the Dijkstraat with the Blekerijstraat and you can follow all activities on their  facebookpage.

During the summer of 2018 STOOM had a lot in store. You could skate in the indoor skatepark  De Loods or visit the exhibition space. As icing on the cake, the summer bar ‘t Pleintje opened on Saturday, June 2.