Our manifesto

Sustainable projects

Revive wants to focus on quality living through future-proof construction. This is why we take a sustainable overall approach with every project. Energy efficient to neutral buildings are future proof, but it is more than that. We always develop a comprehensive vision of mobility, we focus on creating social dynamics, we opt for high quality and timeless architecture, and we give priority to open space and green areas.


Rather than stick to a standard approach, we seek to innovate.
Working with top architects, we always choose diverse housing types and distinctly high-quality architecture. How the architecture relates to its surroundings and framing within the existing spatial and functional context is also crucial. When drawing up a master plan, the pursuit of spatial and architectural quality becomes the basis for implementing functional, attractive and sustainable projects.

Energy solutions

Good-bye CO2, hello renewable energy and smart technologies! From the outset, it was clear to us that every home we make would be built 100% future-proof. With heat pumps and solar panels, for example, we generate our own energy, which we can also immediately store in our own microgrids. The aim is always to achieve an e-level below the legally required level. Any fossil fuel, be it mazut or gas, is avoided wherever possible. And materials from local family businesses are always preferred in construction projects.

Focus on mobility

Soft mobility (cycling and walking) and a car-free design of the neighbourhood are always paramount. Our site must connect optimally to the existing network of cycle paths and footpaths. Our neighbourhoods are also always close to the city, the railway station or a main road. You can easily cycle or even walk to the city centre or a bus or tram stop. In this way, the car takes on a different role. But it is not banned altogether. Parking is underground, additional parking is provided for visitors, while electric charging stations ensure that the neighbourhood is all set for the future.

Open space and plenty of greenery

Revive’s dream is for every project to be an invitation to live better, happier lives. Quality of life as a priority. For this reason, Revive focuses a great deal of attention on public green space, as a space to be optimally enjoyed. Revive is also planning a neighbourhood shed (“buurtschuur”) at various projects as a communal hub. Thanks to these relationships, as a society we can continue to grow and build a positive future and sustainable prosperity.

An energy-efficient
home in the heart
of the city?