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Wanted : Community Manager Wanted : Community Manager

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​No wonder, because with Pier Kornel Re-Vive and Matexi are aiming high. Where the former Tupperware premises rose above the water, a great mix of sustainable houses will come to life. There’s something to suit every budget. Apart from being a green and creative neighbourhood, Pier Kornel is also the starting shot that will launch the upgrading of the area around the Dender. Put it this way: it’s the new place to be that will be well worth the investment. Mark my words.

A focus on quality of life

In Pier Kornel, open space is the common thread that runs through the 27 houses and 49 apartments. Here cars will only be given limited access, rendering the entire residential neighbourhood low in traffic, safe and wonderfully quiet. Whereas visitors can park their cars in a clustered parking area above the ground, the residents’ cars will go underground. This will create a healthy green zone above the ground, and an area that will lend itself perfectly for romping around, strolling, chatting and generally having fun.

Cutting-edge architecture

The architecture at Pier Kornels distinguishes itself with its great diversity. It is what gives your new build house its very own special character. With their choice of sustainable materials, the architects at Denc!-studio have really thought outside the box that confines traditional project developers. Also, each home has a great open layout, so you always get a maximum sense of space. You can also sense the attention to detail and the focus on open, airy spaces in the apartments designed by Pascal François.

Intelligent energy solutions

Once you’re living in Pier Kornel, you’ll start to really look forward to your monthly energy bill for the first time ever.  You’ll watch your energy consumption go into free fall because each house and each apartment has advanced thermal insulation and has been given the best possible orientation. So bring on those bills.

Maximum mobility

With the city centre literally just around the corner and the bus and train station even closer by, Pier Kornel may well boast about its location. Here you’ll be able to lounge around in your garden without a worry in the world, while the church spires guard over you. That’s how close at hand everything is. Those who commute by car can also leave their parking worries behind them and take advantage of the good connections to Brussels, Ghent and the rest of the country. 

Pierre Corneliskaai
9300 Aalst

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