Wanted : Community Manager

Wanted : Community Manager Wanted : Community Manager

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Brightpark is one from the first fully-fledged sustainable business parks in Belgium. The 75,000 m² terrain has the capacity to house 40 businesses. From SMEs (minimum surface area of 215 m²) to major companies (maximum surface area of 13,000 m²).

The park’s exceptional design makes it possible to share infrastructure and services, and by doing so it allows for the best possible use of the available surface area. By using sustainable materials wherever possible and by recycling building materials, sustainable business practices are becoming a reality at Brightpark. General quality standards, such as social, environmental and financial capacity, multifunctionality, flexibility, accessibility and security, are the guiding principles behind the design of this spatial structure. Using space, but also leaving space untouched. At a sustainable business park, companies work together among themselves but also with the authorities to improve their performance, to reduce the impact on the environment and to use space efficiently.


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