Revive provides a steady financial return with sustainable value in Covid-19 times

Revive residential real estate: your tangible investment for a steady financial return and resilient values as icing on the cake.

In uncertain investment times, Revive real estate projects assure added value while generating values!

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Real estate has always been a reliable cornerstone in any diversified investment portfolio. Unlike bonds or shares, they have more steady added value expectations in volatile times like today. And even more so for residential real estate. Covid-19 may impact the way we shop or where we work, but we’ll always want to live with a roof over our head.

Visuals Meerwaarde Vierkant Eng

Not all residential real estate shows the same level of resilience.

While ownership post-Covid-19 will become harder and harder for the middle class, the need for affordable housing and a reasonable cost of living will dramatically grow. Choosing for demand driven rental real estate isn’t only choosing for a market segment where the demand is higher than the offer. It is also opting for a product that is generating an inflation-proof return; rent! Double guarantee!

Talking about areas where demand exceeds supply, the urban areas are where you’ll want to invest.

People will for sure again look for social interaction once the social distancing is over. Humans are social beings. We will always be attracted to lively neighbourhoods offering a good habitat to live our lives. To go out on friday evening after a heavy week of work, to raise the kids and educate them, to meet with friends, to consume art in all forms, to grow old…

"We at Revive aim to take advantage of these opportunities to transform our dwellings future proof assets. Our aim is carbon-neutral design, that results in an economic and ecologic low operational cost. This benefits both the planet and the tenants budget. We like to double it up!"

Whereas developers often neglect the quality of living in their built-to-rent schemes, each Revive development contains all ingredients for the highest level of well-being. At least 30% of open space and greenery and a healthy social mix of all generations.

These communities are happy communities where families tend to stay longer. This also optimizes the potential rental loss in case of tenant change.

We believe consumers will now value these elements that contribute to an increased health and well-being much more than before the Covid-19 crisis, and they’ll become a very important determining factor in their consideration where to live.

So, the time is right to consider investing in Revive. With a low cost of capital but high potential return, in a growing urban rental market, Revive developments answer the need for investments that bring not only financial value for the investor, but also contribute to a better society!

Revive : we build society! Thanks to developments that are liveable, fair and viable.