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Mixed-used project next to West Station!

TANNAT is the new name of the Cinoco site. The site where wine used to be traded is now being transformed into a mixed-use, new project. On the ground floor there will be workplaces and an interior garden. From the second floor, there will be 79 rental apartments. There is a strong commitment to collective spaces, both outdoor spaces and a shared kitchen, TV room and laundry room. The materials are also innovative and we work with CLT (solid wood construction) and lime hemp as insulation.

Tannat in figures

  • Total area (m²) 9996
  • Number of homes 79
  • To the tram stop (m) 100
  • By bike to the station (min) 1
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Why Tannat?

Until 1973, the Vandenheuvel brewery was located on the site. Then the warehouses were sold on to Palais du Vin, later part of the Cinoco group. In 2019, Cinoco - one of the oldest distillers and distributors of wines in our country - moved with its warehouses to Nivelles. We want to use this link to production and trade of beer and wines in the name of our project. Tannat is a blue grape used in wines of character.

Tannat Image

Living & working

The project consists of an economic ground floor and affordable rental housing according to the Hejme concept above. On the ground floor there is a spacious entrance area for the apartments around a patio garden with tall trees, a collective laundry and a TV room. On the second floor you will find a large deck full of plants with a collective pavilion around which the 79 homes are arranged.

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Sustainable architecture

We want Tannat to be progressive even in 10 years. Therefore, it will be a project of the future, built in materials of the future (solid wood construction or CLT, self-supporting brick, insulation of lime hemp) and according to the principles of circularity. For this we work together with BLAF Architects who have years of experience with sustainable building and experiment themselves with other materials.

Temporary use

Until the start of the construction phase, a temporary use is organized on the site. Our warehouse will be used as a workshop space by Samenlevingsbouw Brussels for the production of mobile housing units for the project Solidair Mobiel Wonen.

This is a housing project for and by homeless people in Brussels that aims to create an alternative housing model. The housing units are built by homeless people, together with supervisors, researchers, architects, students, interior designers and local residents.

In addition to the residential units, a semi-public collective space will also be provided. This will serve as a living space and workplace for the residents and as a meeting place for the neighborhood.

Just a little more patience...

Are you interested in this project? Please register on our Hejme website so that we can contact you once we start renting out the property.

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