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Saffrou - the new neighbourhood in Oudenaarde

On the former business site of Saffre Frères in Oudenaarde, Revive is implementing a dynamic new residential and living project. Sustainable houses and apartments, green zones, new public squares and room for businesses to flourish, all at a location that used to be only factory halls. Welcome to Saffrou: the new neighbourhood to enjoy life to the max.

Saffrou in figures

  • Total area (m²) 41324
  • Area phase 1 (m²) 12500
  • Number of homes 265
  • To the market (m) 800
  • To the Station (m) 380
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Living at Saffrou

Spread over three construction phases, Revive's plan for Saffrou involves a mix of apartments, houses, assisted-living homes and penthouses. A diverse range for young and old. A unique feature of this site is the mix of new-build and heritage, whereby a number of historical buildings are integrated into the plans to create a new dynamic feel in the centre of the city.

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Business at Saffrou

Entrepreneurs should also feel at home in Saffrou. Revive and the city are building a hub for businesses right in the middle of Saffrou, which will be the beating heart of the entire site. In addition, there is room for supporting retailers and offices in the heritage-listed buildings along the Dijkstraat.

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Central location

In just 5 and 10 minutes respectively, you can walk from Saffrou to the station or the market. Furthermore, Revive is making this a low-traffic area with a combination of parking underground and on the fringe of the site. If you, like Revive, value the importance of mobility and health, then Saffrou is your ideal new home.

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