Between city and fort, between neighbors and friends

On the site where the Agfa-Gevaert rolls of film used to be developed, Revive is now looking to create a whole new vibrant residential area. In total, there is space to develop approximately 330 new homes. We are also focusing on realising a healthy mix of home types: houses and apartments, but also assisted-living homes and container dwelling units.

Minerve in figures

  • Total area (m²) 60000
  • Area phase 1 (m²) 17632
  • Number of homes 350
  • To the tram stop (m) 500
  • By bike to the station (min) 8

From factory to residential

Where many property developers tend to erect houses or apartment blocks without much thought, Revive looks further: new types of housing, low-traffic neighbourhoods, sustainable construction, smart architecture and a large common garden are important aspects in all our projects. This is also true for our new development project Minerve.

Minerve Plein 01 Final Large Medium

Sustainable mobility

A great deal of attention is spent on accessibility and mobility by bicycle and on foot. The site will branch out perfectly to the existing network of cycling and pedestrian paths. Cycling, walking and car-sharing will be stimulated by giving these means of transport a prominent place in the public domain. Sustainable mobility has been fully incorporated in the plans, proven by the fact that electric charging points are also amply provided for electric cars and bikes.

Revive Minerve View 2 Final Medium

Versatile architecture

The master plan for Minerve was drawn up by Achtergael Architects. The strength of this architectural agency lies in their versatility; a talent that really proved its worth in the design of the master plan. The area will be home to a great diversity of housing types and public spaces, differing in height, volume and character.

Revive Minerve View 3 Final Medium

A neighbourhood with a green character

We are striving for an open and green character for the entire neighbourhood. 50% of the site is designated as public domain, about half of which will be unpaved. The public space will be a place where people can socialise or relax in peace. For the residents, the public domain should be an extension of their own private garden.

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