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Marie Thumas

Marie Thumas

Last summer Revive became the proud new owner of the legendary Marie Thumas site. Just 42 years after the closure of the factory on the Kolonel Begaultlaan in Wilsele, this piece of history in Louvain has a new future. It will be a sustainable site that connects culture, entrepreneurship, living and relaxation.

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After the factory had to close its doors in 1977, it became the property of the Warehouse De Pauw (WDP) company. They rented the building to a colorful collection of entrepreneurs, sports clubs and non-profit organizations. More than 60% of the building is now empty and is strongly in decline.

"With the plans for Louvain 2030 in mind, the main objective is to give the site a sustainable future. The upgrading of the buildings must therefore be more than just a superficial facelift, they must really become future-proof. For the concrete concent of the site, we will not only consult with the city and the neighborhood, but also with the current users of the building." Philip Rubbens - Project developer Marie Thumas

The existing buildings on the site have historical and industrial heritage value. They will therefore be renovated in combination with new construction. The redevelopment will become an urban project with various functions. Companies will take an important place, but also associations for culture, sport and relaxation - as well as suitable forms of living - will be given a place. The location on the canal and the green edge are unique assets that will contribute to the unique experience of the buildings of Marie Thumas.

Revive further elaborates the plans in close collaboration with the city of Louvain and in consultation with other stakeholders such as current users, neighboring owners and the neighborhood.

Just a little more patience...

Behind the scenes we are working hard to give the site a bright future. Would you like to be kept informed about this future project? Let us know!