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Soon in Mechelen: Komet

The KOMET project in Mechelen is the new name for the Comet site, a light-hearted reference to the site's history. These former industrial estates between the Leuvense Vaart and the Mechalse Vesten have shown amazing potential for years and a group of partners has been working hard get things moving. Besides its stylish and somewhat daring location with lots of open space, this promises to be a neighbourhood whose strength lies in its diversity.

Komet in figures

  • Total area (m²) 40000
  • Area phase 1 (m²) 16000
  • Number of homes 314
  • To the market (m) 970
  • Minutes by bicycle to station 4
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Why the name Komet?

Where does the name KOMET come from? Firstly, the project is located on the Comet site where, until 2007, beer kegs were manufactured by Comet B.V. You can probably also imagine that people have enjoyed many a Belgian beer in culinary summer bar KOMEET, which has been set up on the site during the past few summers. With this new name, Revive wants to pay its respects to the site's history and to the many great experiences.

More details on our Komet website
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Future-proof building

The residential areas of Revive are all built on a human scale where quality of living prevails and is fully tailored to the challenges of today and tomorrow. To make this happen, Revive invests in the sustainable transformation of old industrial sites. This helps reduce the pressure on the already scarce open and green areas. Moreover, the urban fabric is given a revitalised dynamic thanks to the central location of many old sites. Revive firmly believes in building in an ecologically and socially sustainable fashion, combined with contemporary and timeless architecture of the highest quality.

More details on our Komet website
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High-class architecture

The architecture for Komet was realised by Crepain Binst Architecture and Areal Architects. The principal zoning plan for the site will be residential, with a variety of houses and apartments in different types and sizes. Most houses will be built around the central park. The apartments will be located in a series of interlinked buildings between the park and the waterway, with a number of high-end penthouses being constructed that offer unique views of the canal. There are also plans to create accredited assisted-living homes for the elderly.

More details on our Komet website
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Focus on mobility

Wherever possible, Revive wants to keep this residential area free of cars. This considerably improves the air quality and ensures a much safer and more tranquil environment. A dream location for young and old! To make this a reality, ample underground parking will be built on the outskirts of the site for you to park your car. As you can see, Revive's goal is to help create a community that revolves around healthy and safe mobility.

More details on our Komet website

Interested in Komet?

You can find all the information about Komet on the Komet-website!

Visit the Komet website