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GE - Vynckier

Big plans for the Vynckier-site

Finally there is a future for iconic site Vynckier in the Nieuwevaart in Ghent, because Revive has ambitious plans. Most of the vast Vynckier grounds have been vacant for years, and the iconic buildings have been thoroughly decayed. But now there is yet another future for the industrial terrain. We want to make it a bustling business park!

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The site, which will be redeveloped, is more than 100.000m² or 20 football fields. Vynckier is a household name in Ghent. In 1860 the textile factory was planted there, in the 1930s Vynckier - then a world player in the field of electrical switchgear - took over the entire site. After Vynckier, the site was taken over by General Electric. Revive negotiated for a year to revive the iconic contaminated soil site.

"As a Ghent project developer, we are extremely enthusiastic to continue building the future of our home city." Alexandre Huyghe - Chief Executive Officer

“In addition to neighborhoods where it is nice to live, we also want to create places where it is nice to work. Education, sport and relaxation can contribute to this. We are now planning to do so on the Vynckier site, which is of strategic importance to Ghent.”, says our Chief Executive Officer Alexandre Huyghe.

But first an agreement must be reached with the city on this. What the plans will look like in detail has yet to be determined. Revive will further develop the redevelopment in close collaboration with the city of Ghent, in consultation with the neighborhood and with ABB.

Manchester Gebouw

ABB took over operations on the General Electric site in 2017, and will remain on site for another three years. Architect Alexander D'Hooghe, also known as Oosterweel intendant, will supervise that process.

What has already been established is that the towers will remain and the outbuildings will be demolished. Today the site is mainly characterized by the Manchester buildings, each with 25,000 m² of industrial heritage. Those two iconic buildings with their towers will be restored in all their glory. The grounds around it will receive a thorough facelift.

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Just a little more patience...

Behind the scenes we are working hard to give the site a bright future. Would you like to be kept informed about this future project? Let us know!