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Stocznia Cesarska

Revitalization of the shipyard

Revive joined forces with Alides, another Ghent-based property investor, to transform the Imperial Shipyard in Gdansk into a dynamic waterfront district, focusing on a high quality-of-life.

Stocznia Cesarska in figures

  • Total area (m²) 400000
  • Area to be built (m²) 300000
  • Number of residential units 3500
  • To city centre on foot (min) 15
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We envision a mixed-use district, with living spaces, workplaces, culture, leisure, sports and hospitality. Fully revitalized and adapted historic buildings in combination with new developments will make up the urban neighborhood, connected with the city center by a new pedestrian promenade along the Motława river.

""When Nicolas signed the contract and bought the Imperial Shipyard, we took a cab together. Before leaving, he told the cab driver he had just bought the shipyard. On which the taxi driver told me my friend was drunk. When I confirmed the story, the taxi driver was convinced we were both drunk!"" Den Lackner - Transaction specialist of the project
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A rich and turbulent past

Although its history dates back to the 19th century, the area is foremost known as the cradle of Solidarność. In the 1970s and 80s shipyard workers revolted against the communist regime by organizing strikes. On August 31st 1980, the shipyard workers under the leadership of Lech Walesa, signed with the delegation of the communist government the so-called “Gdańsk Agreement”. It enabled the creation of independent self-governing trade unions, guaranteed citizens the right to freedom of expression and access to party-controlled media. This agreement ultimately led to the fall of communism in Europe.

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Community and Placemaking

Closed for centuries we’ve opened up the shipyard and invited visitors to learn about the its rich history and take advantage of our extensive placemaking program. From a historic walking route, a 360° viewing deck on one of our cranes, to concerts, exhibitions, public art and a community garden.


Let’s do it!

We’ve started our investment activities with the renovation of two heritage properties: the Dyrekcja office building and the former Fire station. The latter is adapted to accommodate a wine shop, bar and restaurant. Step by step we are bringing back a sense of community, one of the values forever imprinted in this area.

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