The Founders

Nicolas Bearelle first met entrepreneur and investor Piet Colruyt in 2008. It turned out to be the beginning of a unique partnership that would forever change property development in Flanders and far beyond.

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Nicolas Bearelle

Revive is actually a boyhood dream that became reality. Ever since I was a young kid, I would be drawing my dream homes and wanted to be an architect (after studying to be a pilot and a vet of course). But, next to creating a more beautiful future, I also wanted to build a better future and do business. It was a gradual feeling, but eventually became an unstoppable urge. The marriage between the artistic side, offering a social added value and staying close to an economic reality is the essence of Revive.

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Piet Colruyt

Piet Colruyt and Revive are no strangers to each other. As a believer - even before its existence - he stood behind Revive and its totally new vision on project development. One thing immediately appealed to him, also before becoming a director at Revive: the company's long-term focus. ‘In contrast to the quick-buck philosophy of most property developers, Revive attaches equal importance to social and ecological profitably as it does to financial profitability’, says Piet Colruyt.

Trends interview with Piet Colruyt