Our culture

At Revive, our aim is to create high-quality, sustainable and affordable residential areas. Your home in the city with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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What we do

We are resolute in our vision to develop vibrant living communities where people can live happily and carefree. With timeless architecture, high-quality finishing and ample green areas, we create attractive residential neighbourhoods.That is why Revive invests in the sustainable transformation of old industrial sites. What's more, it reduces the pressure on the scarcely available open and green areas.This gives the urban fabric a renewed dynamic, as many old sites enjoy convenient central locations.

"The real estate developers have done too little for too long."
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Time for change

Revive wants to embody that change by inextricably linking financial, social and ecological profitability. Achieving high financial returns alone has never been our goal. Revive searches for a balance between social, ecological and economic added value. People, planet & profit; that's the heart and soul of Revive.

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We build society, not real estate

Our mission in a nutshell? To continually make a fundamental difference within those three Ps. This is reflected in different ways. In the land that serves as the foundation for our projects, for instance. By redeveloping old industrial sites to contemporary urban neighbourhoods where private homes and open space go hand in hand, Revive does more than ‘construct buildings’. So it's with good reason that our motto is: ‘We build society, not real estate.’

"Revive isn't a team of dreamers, but a young, no-nonsense team with a heart for people and our noses facing the right direction: towards progress."
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Team Revive

It's the DNA of our team that makes us unique. The social and ecological return we achieve through our projects, that's the driving force behind our team. The desire to show our corporate responsibility in a market segment that has so much impact on our everyday lives. Revive is pure. We develop neighbourhoods we would want to live in ourselves.Every member of the Revive team is a passionate professional who loves working towards a brighter future. That's why we keep growing and keep expanding our horizons.

Meet the Revive team