Temporary site use

For Revive, temporary site use is a place for people to get together and socialise. It is a place where there is room for sports and games, for art, for workshops, to grab a bite to eat or a drink, to simply enjoy, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Making space available

Space and time are luxury goods in this day and age. They are a rarity in a world that thrives on speed and where every perception of experience and intensity is affected. But finding the space and time is easier than you think. When Revive purchases an old industrial site, it is the beginning of a long process of design, procedures and permits. In the meantime, these fantastic industrial spaces are empty and locked up. They are ideal locations to give something back to society, the community and creative souls. That's why we encourage pop-up initiatives to arrange temporary use of the sites.

Extending the existing neighbourhood

Our purpose for setting up temporary site use is therefore to breathe new life into what was long considered a kind of ‘no-man's land’ by the community. It gives the locals - and even potential future residents - a chance to get to know that area better. By doing this we don't simply build a ‘new neighbourhood’, we extend an existing community.

Creative and fun

Temporary site use can be very wide-ranging, but should always be complementary to the future character of the site and fit in with the ecosystem of its environment. From art gallery to restaurant, a creative workshop space to sports facility, bee temples, festival or a playground... Revive supports initiatives from the heart that promote a positive dialogue with neighbours and the local governments.

Ideas for a temporary use for a site?

We have several projects where we have room for temporary site uses. Contact Susanne via susanne@revive.bee to exchange some ideas.