Revive presents its Social and Environmental Report 2019

door Sophie Fouache


On 12 March, Revive celebrated its 11th birthday, the perfect moment for introducing our 2019 Social and Environmental Impact Report. Since 2009, Revive has successfully repurposed 1,000,000m² brownfields. Some of those brownfields are now vibrant residential districts in urban areas, with at least 25% open spaces and/or public areas. We are still working on the development of other brownfields, because Revive is determined to continue our mission to give abandoned, polluted land a new lease of life as sustainable communities.

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In the past year, we have raised our sights regarding sustainability yet again, and we are proud to say that our efforts have borne fruit: for the fourth year in a row, we have been nominated by B Corp for the Best for The World Honoree in the category “Environment”.

Our recognition as a B Corp and the appreciation shown by our clients and investors is the greatest proof than we are doing what needs to be done. We want to be the best for the world, not only the best in the world.

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Today, we are delighted to present the 2019 edition of our Social & Environmental Impact Report.

It gives us hope to see that the interest in ESG is increasing and the awareness of urgency is growing. So, as a B Corp, we are happy to share our experience and best practices so that we can inspire other businesses to take hold of the reins and do something for the good of the planet.

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Our report describes how we apply our everyday operations to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals but it also contains things like how our team manages to hold on to our mental health and why we organise co-housing projects on our sites. You can read about all those matters, and more, in our 2019 Social and Environmental Impact Report.

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