Revive presents her social and environmental report 2018

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Voorblad Revive Sus Report

Since 2009, Revive can put the regeneration of already 750,000 m² of brownfields on its record. Some of these brownfields are now dynamic residential areas in urban areas with at least 25% open space and/or public domain. Other brownfields are still developing, because Revive continues its mission to regenerate abandoned and polluted sites in sustainable communities.

Revive CEO Nicolas Bearelle reflects on the past 10 years and how Revive has positioned itself in the market as a small, climate-aware project developer.

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Recently, someone asked me why we do what we do with Revive. What personally drives me to put my energy into social innovation and sustainable projects? I had never really thought about that and therefore I couldn’t answer the question.

10 years ago, in the midst of the financial crisis, we started a project from the desire to do better, especially for our society, but also for our peace of mind. I have always been very restless and worried when it comes to the climate. The consequences of the climate crisis correspond to our social models. Polarization is growing— indifference too—and cynicism is rising.

For us, the glass is always half full. We like to be a bit naïve and particularly optimistic. We do not believe that complaining leads to solutions, but that systematic innovation and large-scale interventions can lead to moving a large stone in the river. With Revive, we are fortunate to be active in a sector that has a major impact on a social and ecological scale. We can really make a difference and we believe in the necessity of this difference. If we do not continue the way we do, we will miss historic opportunities.

"After 10 years we have also grown into an amazing company, together with a team producing unique achievements that are socially, ecologically, and financially relevant. That relevance has always been a motivation. We do not want to sell ideas; we want to realize them." Nicolas Bearelle - CEO Revive
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We have also noticed that—fortunately—public opinion is changing rapidly and the awareness of urgency is growing. By setting an example and continuing to preach outside our own church, we want to continue to strengthen this movement.

Our recognition as a B Corp and the appreciation of our customers and investors is the best proof that we practice what we preach. We want to be the best for the world, not just the best in the world.

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Voorblad Revive Sus Report

Because we have learned not to take everything for granted on a daily basis, we have issued a Sustainability Report for the first time. Here we describe, among other things, how we focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goalsin our day-to-day operations, but also how our team stays mentally fit and why we organize cohousing projects on our sites. You can read this and more in the Social and Environmental Impact Report 2018.

Read our Social and Environmental Report here