Revive Impact Gazet 2021

Koszary Kultury Fot  Lukasz Gryko 44

Our vision as an entrepreneur is to build sustainable development for tomorrow, and thus create a positive impact for the planet and its inhabitants. Sustainability, impact, ESGs and innovation are no buzzwords in our company, as revivers have an intrinsic motivation for making a change.

2021 has been a crazy year. Even though we were facing a covid pandemic and we worked more individually than ever before, we stayed focussed on making an impact as a team. We hired a second impact manager, and even 12 extra colleagues in all departments.

As Revive believes in a no nonsense culture, we won’t publish a long impact report about our strategies and goals, but we will highlight a few stories from 2021 which were important for the team.

Revive Impact Gazet