Piet Colruyt about Revive

door Roxanne

Rvv 04304 Piet

The business model of Revive fascinated me from the very beginning. As an architect at the Colruyt Groupt, and co-founder of Revive, I am 100% commited to impact investing.

Everyone agrees that things need to change, and fast. But at the same time a lot of people are looking at others to make that change. The government tries to develop different initiatives, but at the same time they get stuck in their system. Time to take things in our own hands.

These 3 P's are inextricably linked and should even be of equal value. The Revive business model appealed to me from the very beginning. Not for profit in the short term but above all social and ecological profit as the main goal.

This makes Revive a unique project developer that not only benefits the customer, but also the neighborhood and nature. The long-term story will result in a win-win situation for Revive as well as for society and the environment. If everyone takes responsibility, it can not go wrong.

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