Revive as B Corp in times of COVID-19

door Roxanne

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March was B Corp month, and what a month it was... While COVID-19 threatens our economy, our infrastructure and our daily routines, we’re reminded that our work to create an inclusive, fair and balance economic system has never been more important.

This crisis affects all of us, but the most vulnerable are the hardest hit. More than ever before, employees and communities, public health and safety should be rated higher than profit.

Here at the Revive team, we’re not afraid of assuming our responsibility and together, we have put our shoulders to the wheel for the sake of the company. Even in these difficult times, we still follow the B Corp principles:

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One of B Corp’s principle elements is “Workers”. Even in times of COVID-19, we are considerate of our team’s welfare. All the Revive staff are working from home at the moment, but it’s not always easy to be as productive as usual without our colleagues, while many of us have children at home too. Revive is aware of this, and has allowed everyone plenty of scope to find a balance between work and family life. Allowing that freedom is better for everyone’s mental health and that is better for the company too in the long run.

Another principle element is “Environment”, which forces us to study our impact on our surroundings. Now that everyone is working from home, we have launched the policy “Environmental Home” in the company to create awareness for ecological issues in home offices. It includes tips like how to reduce paper use to a minimum, switching off devices when they are not in use and only ordering products from sustainable and socially responsible suppliers.

However, B Corp’s most important element right now is “Community”. Now more than ever, we should bear in mind that all of us, wherever we are, are mutually dependent, we are all inter-connected and we are all in this together.

Interested in B Corp?

Do you want to become a B Corp but still have questions? Revive is a proud B Corp ambassador. Our Social Impact expert Susanne will be happy to answer your questions and bring you in contact with the right people. You can reach her via