Why should you choose Revive as developer for your sites? Revive's approach is based on creating sustainable communities that safeguard the welfare and prosperity of our society, the environment and the economy. In our endeavours, we focus on the regeneration of inner-city areas with a triple bottom-line approach: people, planet, profit. We build neighbourhoods to make new ways of living and interaction possible.

Revive in figures

  • Developed area (m²) 896500
  • Planned development (m²) 600000
  • Units in pipeline 5034
  • Budgeted remediation work (€) 15000000
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Sustainable transformation

Discover how Revive can be your partner for the redevelopment of your property. Our focus lies on the reconversion of former industrial sites in urban areas (so-called brownfields, whether contaminated or not), but other unused buildings or sites can also be interesting property development projects. We gladly rise to the challenge of converting dormant land and buildings into dynamic new communities with a future-oriented purpose.

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Assuming responsibility

Our mission is to regenerate obsolete and contaminated sites and turn them into sustainable neighbourhoods: green living areas with a healthy social, demographic and functional mix. Our team of experts can lead any project through the technical, administrative, budgetary, logistical and creative process. Because we have all knowledge in house, we are able to manage the risks and relieve previous owners against the liabilities of demolition and remediation, as well as land use conversion and permits. From remediating to demolishing, preparing for construction, enclosing and building... Revive gives your old sites a sustainable new future.

Meet the Revive team
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Independent & conscientious

Revive acts as property development manager and is not affiliated with any construction company or financial institution. This enables us to develop in the interest of the project and of the end users. Revive is constantly discussing and consulting with all parties involved, both the city and the community. We are strong believers in participation and information. For every site, we look for the perfect balance between living, working and recreation, while respecting the individuality of the neighbourhood and the history of the site. Furthermore, we always strive for a complementary mix of housing typologies with special attention for affordable housing. Revive has the experience to get maximum results out of your land.

Impact dashboard

Revive wants to have accountability - to all stakeholders. Hard figures not only in terms of the returns, but equally at social and ecological level. This goal has been translated into a clear and simple measuring instrument: the ‘3px10 impact dashboard’. ‘3px10’ is our strategy in clear target figures and gives us the tools to measure people, planet & profit based on 30 indicators. In short, soft subject matter such as social impact is given a clear profile.

Developing with Revive?

Do you own a site you want to talk to us about? Or would you like to know more about how we work? Please send an email to with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.