2 x 5 arguments for investing in Revive real estate

Why is investing in Revive real estate a better idea than ever? Not only because it brings financial added value for the investor, but also because you invest in a development with high added value for society.

Do you need a little boost? Then we would like to give you 2 x 5 arguments why you can not miss with a Revive investment.

5 social arguments

1. Residential segment of real estate

Housing is a basic need and is not as cyclical as the professional or leisure segment. Revive mainly focuses on the middle segment of the market, where the demand of dual earners looking for rental properties or apartments exceeds supply. And that trend is expected to continue in the short term. The new generation which is more focused on the sharing economy than on ownership will boost demand for rental properties.

2. Location in urban areas

Centralisation of housing, working and leisure to city centres is a global trend. It is the logical solution to managing contemporary issues in a social, ecological and economic way. It provides a meeting place to prevent isolation and bring people closer together and manage expensive utilities costs more efficiently, for example.

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3. Sustainable

Zero 2030 - SDG. Despite the crisis, we must not forget our climate and Social Development Goals. Furthermore, this crisis has shown that a different way of living benefits the planet and its population in general.

4. Affordable

More compact, centralised and with an energy performance and carbon-free energy supply. All these elements lead to a very cost-efficient lifestyle, in which rental costs and general expenses have less impact on the family budget.


5. Welfare

Districts that have a healthy social mix and where all the generations live together, anchored in a city and therefore close to schools, culture and leisure activities, and located in an area with at least 30% green and/or open space, contribute to a high mental and physical welfare. Living in harmony with yourself and your community.

5 financial arguments

1. Steady but stable

In recent decades, real estate has not been very affected by the negative fluctuations of the financial markets. On the contrary, the added values achieved from selling residential real estate have continued to rise.

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2. Supply and demand

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, the demand for rental properties and apartments in the middle segment will rise. Lower-income families have access to the social rental market, but the average young dual earners may find it harder to buy their own homes. Renting will be their only option, but that will be in a market that already has a shortage of good-quality homes in the city centre.

3. Inflation-proof

Rent is index-linked, which means it follows the market trends, which in turn affect the interest rates. In other words, rental income is cash protective.

4. Cheap capital

With the low interest rates and the expected evolutions, borrowing is cheaper than ever today. Increase your own contribution with extra capital that costs you less than it generates, making it a positive move.

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5. Future-proof

Revive developments are future-proof. They have been designed not only to ensure that they require very few amendments to comply with future legislation over the coming 10 or 20 years, but also to provide guaranteed added value when you sell.

Intrested to invest?

If you have specific questions about investing in Revive or our projects with interesting returns, please contact Chief Business Development Officer Peter at peter@revive.be.