Meet the Revive team

  • Revive Team 33 Beste

    Nicolas Bearelle

    Founder & Executive Chairman

    No YOLO without PURPOSE! Live your life to the full and have meaning. Realise your dreams and make a better world for everyone. Yes we DO!

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  • Revive Team 35 Beste

    Alexandre Huyghe

    Chief Executive Officer

    Innovation lover, fix-it-all and all-round sports enthusiast. Always looking for harmony between the basic economic principles and modern-day challenges in urban development, and perhaps wanting to be a bit of an Einstein in the process.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 25 Aangepast

    Stijn Lannoo

    Chief Finance Officer

    Revive Finance Dude from day one. Whatever the sport, I love it! Tennis, running, skiing, I can appreciate it all. Especially if I can do it with friends or with my two fantastic boys. A good glass of wine, stretched out on the couch with the beat of the music reverberating off the walls; to me that's life at its best!

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  • Revive Portretten2 4 Beste

    Steven Rosseel

    Chief Operating Officer

    Sports-minded project developer with a bone-dry sense of humour and an unmistakable talent for devouring meals quickly. Loves the weekend newspaper, sushi and sustainable enterprise.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 17 Edit

    Mieke Vanhuyse

    Heartful People Coach

    Everyone’s mum at Revive and founder of Die Speis Girls. Tries to pass lots of witty humour and climate consciousness on to her two beautiful kids.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 11Beste

    Lisa Verstraete

    Chief People Officer

    This eternal positivo is a firm believer of the fact that it is always the people who make the difference. Finding people, engaging them and binding them. Always smiling and preferably surrounded by a lot of people, with the sun on her face and a nice glass of wine.

  • Revive Team 2 Beste

    Toon Kympers

    Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer

    “Leaving the place better than we found it!” After a career as a professional globetrotter, I found a home in a team that does take responsibility and wants to make a difference with respect for future generations.

  • Revive Portretten2 11 Large

    Jeroen Coupé

    Chief Technology Officer

    Revive geek with his head in the (virtual) clouds his feet firmly in (virtual) reality. Loves LEAN and often lies awake out of FOMO. Interested in history podcasts, but even more so in a sustainable future for his children.

  • Revive Team 68 Beste

    Bart De Zutter

    Chief Legal Officer

    Legal added-value seeker & family man. Dreams of having a Eames Lounge Chair to sit back in and read. Enjoys a good conversation, sleek contemporary architecture and sexy food.

  • Revive Team 46 Beste

    Sara De Baets

    Senior Legal Counsel

    Former professional athlete, always striving for clear and correct communication, with a systematic and legally oriented mindset. A world explorer and mum whose social presence can't be missed and who can always appreciate a good glass of Gewurz in even better company.

  • Portretten  04 50

    Kato Bruggeman

    Legal Counsel

    A barrel full of energy with a healthy angle. Always laughing, unless a hunger pops up. In addition to a passion for travel and horse riding, having a nice dinner, including a good wine, in her top 3. Under the saying "every wise owl was once an owl chick" she does not shy away from a challenge and pursues her dreams.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 78Beste

    Margot Calle

    Legal Counsel

    Convinced citizen of Ghent with a love for city trips, sushi and dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Strives to translate the catchy Revive energy into an effective legal story.

  • Revive Portretten2 1 Beste

    Filip Maes

    Senior Construction Manager

    Revive’s own Mr Spock, but mainly Construction Manager with a touch of "single-minded wisdom"! Besides that, a lover of sports and life in general and father of two beautiful sons.

  • Revive Team 30 Beste

    Bart De Vos

    Senior Construction Manager

    Construction guy who likes the practical approach. Quiet and calm by nature, but crazy as hell as soon as he gets on his bike!

  • Revive Team 31 Beste

    Lander Victor

    Senior Construction Manager

    Enthusiastic Construction Manager with his roots in rural 'Bachten de kupe', behind the Yser.Fascinated by the energy dilemma and always in search of pragmatic solutions. Fan of pro cycling, practitioner of the art of drumming and proud papa. Entertaining life motto: let's get the show on the road!

  • Revive Portretten2 9 Large

    Sofie Danneels

    Construction Manager

    To the point. Likes almost almost everyone. Loves cooking, eating, cycling, reading, music and friendly people.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 43Beste3

    Stijn Van Asch

    Construction Manager

    Climate and energy are two important drivers. Translating technology and innovation into a project scale so that each Revive project helps to build a climate-neutral future.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 46

    Kevin Sieckelinck

    Construction Manager

    The Revive representative from Malines; with both feet in architecture and eyes on KOMET. A shared vision of building in a progressive and sustainable way brought him to Revive. Enjoys being part of the team, especially when it comes to eating, drinking, laughing and philosophising, but above all enjoys the challenge of the construction industry and being a dad!

  • Ludovic 360 410

    Ludovic Powis

    Construction Manager

    Actieve Brusselaar bij Revive! In de week kan je hem vinden op een werf, op de fiets of op een hockeyterrein en tijdens vakanties vind je hem ergens in bergen waar je eerder herders dan trekkers tegen het lijf loopt. Van jongs af aan is hij al gefascineerd door hoe dingen in elkaar zitten. Die nieuwsgierigheid leidde hem naar de wondere wereld van de bouw.

  • Jana 360X410

    Jana Van Daele

    Customer Success Manager

    Originating from the Waasland, but with a little less than Reinaert the fox. Passionate interior architect with a clear vision. Always ready to help and eternally enthusiastic. The interest in cooking is in my blood, just like bying creative. A tasty joke and a "good glass" of red wine is always appreciated.

  • Rsz  Portretten  01

    Stephanie Sels

    Customer Success Manager

    Antwerp enthusiastic hedonist with a sense of rhythm. Always available for a walk or bike ride in good company, preferably in the Flemish Ardennes. Takes her Antwerp accent with pleasure across the water to 'the parking'.

  • Ann Sophie 360X410

    Ann-Sophie Vandeputte

    Customer Success Manager

    Make it better, make it last.
    Vlaamse Ardennenaar die haar enthousiasme haalt uit impact en happy people, houdt van positive thinking en inspirerende babbels. Oh perfect day? Kringloopkansjes, vegan BBQ en Italiaans rood geluk.

  • Revive Team 54 Beste

    Emilie De Buck

    Business Developer

    A perpetual smile and boundless energy. Convinced believer in ‘There's no place like Ghent’.Always up for a good chat with a nice snack. And can't let a day go by without doing a Swedish crossword.

  • Revive  Team 06 72Px

    Frédéric Buyssens


    Cheerful guy with a special interest in architecture, interior design and design. And a keen football supporter, particularly of all the Red Devils abroad. Also someone who loves leisurely meals, preferably shared with friends and family.

  • Revive Team 62 Beste

    Geoffrey De Hemptinne

    Project Developer

    Revive's man from Brussels. Compulsive book buyer, always trying to find the time to read them. Organises lectures on social engagement and leadership. Together with friends has traversed many a mountain range on different continents. Always the man with the map.

  • Revive Team 2 1 Beste

    Sébastien van Outryve d'Ydewalle


    An ardent nature lover who wants to revitalise the city’s greenery and help build a sustainable future.

  • Revive Team 58 Beste

    Isabelle Verhaert

    Senior Project developer

    A city dweller with a soft spot for Antwerp during the week, but absolutely loves hiking in the mountains with a backpack on weekends. An old-school feminist whose life goal is to ‘practise what you preach'.

  • Revive Team 65 Beste

    Lise Gruwez

    Senior Project developer

    Creative from Bruges who is enthusiastic about well thought-out urban projects. Loves a challenge that envolves sports, preferably in the mountains or untouched nature, but loves the well-deserved refreshment afterwards just as much.

  • Revive Portretten2 12 Large Beste

    Sofie Verstraete

    Head of Project development

    From Ghent with roots in architecture. Impassioned by collective housing. Draws her boundless enthusiasm from visiting as many architectural masterpieces as possible on her globe-trotting adventures. Ultimate hobby: chatting the evening away with a glass of Omer beer.

  • Revive Team 59 Beste

    Stefano Cincinnato

    Senior Project developer

    Brussels native with a heart for sustainable urban development. He is also a dedicated amateur chef with a 'slight' preference for Italian dishes. Best enjoyed in good company and a lively discussion.

  • Revive Team 64 Beste

    Philip Rubbens

    Senior Project developer

    Convinced that the view from a distant horizon broadens the mind. Seeks out this horizon in urban development, but also beyond that at sea or in the mountains.

  • Olivier Menalda 360 410

    Olivier Menalda

    Head of Project development & Operations abroad

    Als agronoom verbonden met de natuur en stadsbewoner in hart en nieren. Hij zoekt naar een evenwicht in projecten om zo stedelijke, sociale en milieu-uitdagingen aan te gaan. Hij werkt dagelijks mee aan een overgang naar de duurzame stad van morgen.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 38Beste

    Silke Van Damme

    Project Developer

    Originally from Dendermonde but living in Ghent. Has a passion for well thought-out floor plans, a nose for beautiful things and an eye for detail. She goes for walks, with her two children at her side, looking for architectural pearls, every ray of sunshine and her ultimate dream house.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 02

    Oscar Broeckhoven

    Project Developer

    Optimistic and inquisitive ‘Brussels native’ who, as an architect-entrepreneur, searches for innovative and sustainable solutions to social-spatial issues.

  • Revive Team 47 Beste

    Julie Deputter

    Senior Accountant

    A born beachcomber: from Ostend but living in Ghent. Part of the supersonic Finance Team, but always calculating at home, too, and looking for any remaining travel budget.

  • Revive Team 43 Beste

    Anne D'hulst

    Senior Business Controller

    Digit freak with West-Flemish roots, fond of desserts & crazy about her daughter. She likes to have everything under control during working hours, but outside of those hours it can be more relaxed. With a good book, a long nature walk or an evening out, you can always make her happy.

  • Revive Team 50 Beste

    Lisa Rietveld


    Suppressed late sleeper who can't function before her morning jolt of coffee. But you can wake me up any time for Mexican food, a good chat or sushi.

  • Revive Team 41 Beste

    Anne Swankaert


    Also called Swankie. Finance chick number four at Revive! Absolutely no early bird, because her favorite hobby is sleeping. She also loves: debit = credit, M&M's, Marco Borsato, pyjamas all day, skiing & therefore après-ski as well ;)

  • Revive Portretten Maart 63

    Susanne Koolhof

    Impact Manager

    Social geographer who's always seeking inspiration and co-creation for sustainable housing & living, as well as creating a social impact. B the change!

  • Laure

    Laure Martens

    Business Controller

    Rasechte “Maarkedaller” en lid nummer 6 van het finance team. In de finale van Slimste Mens Ter Wereld zouden volgende 5 woorden gebruikt worden om haar te beschrijven: dierenvriend, Beyoncé-fan, hobbykok, sportieveling en excellover.

  • Portret Laila

    Laila De Bruyne

    Impact Manager

    Gets her energy from connecting people and connecting people to places. Just do it, no half-assed work and make impact are her mottos. If you look for her you will probably find her on a beautiful heritage site or singing. Her son and daughter are the heroes for whom she wants to build a sustainable future.

  • Revive Team 16 Beste

    Marieke Spillebeen

    Sales Executive

    Sales Executive from West Flanders, food lover and always in for an adventure. Loves a good rhythm on the dance floor, but also in daily life. Casual sports fanatic and an avid believer of 'a little crazy never hurt anyone'.

  • Revive Team 28 Beste Large

    Boudewijn De Coninck

    Environmental Manager

    Wild about digging remediation wells, PID meters and the right soil pollution fumes. For me, it's best to move forward! Always smiling and not afraid of a lightly burnt joke. Enjoy aperitifs, (lots of) delicious food, competitive padel duels and cycling with the family.

  • Revive Team 25 Beste Large

    Jan Van Schaeren

    Environmental Manager

    Gets a kick out of a good day's work in the mud, remediation work and sometimes even the vapours that come with it. Loves his home-grown greens and self-made jams.Has an eternal quest to produce a drinkable apple cider...

  • Revive Team 4 Beste


    Head of Digital Marketing

    Digital pioneer since the days of Atari and Commodore, but still with passion for authenticity and design. You can never go wrong with "New Order" on vinyl and a “Crabbelaer beer" in a local café. As Digital Marketer, always working on service design thinking, knowing that “Relevance” becomes reality now the IoT applications are taking over our living environment.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 30

    Charlotte Buyl

    Marketing Manager

    Aka Charly, once a country bumpkin, now a city slicker, control freak, hiking in the Ardennes, a glass of cava with girlfriends ,sport and music keep me going.

  • Revive Team 71 Beste Large

    Reggy Van Den Branden

    Project Marketeer

    Always aiming to stretch the mind, because “a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. Driven by opportunities, allergic to comfort zones. A constant focus on new ideas and creating impact. Fan of intuition, architecture, design and Van Basten ‘88. Let’s keep on surprising...

  • Revive Team 02 Large

    Sophie Fouache

    Graphic & Digital Creative

    Foodie, animal lover, aspiring world traveller and absolutely not a morning person. Originally from the Belgian coast, but she lost her heart to Ghent. Give her a glass of wine and a good series to binge watch and you will make her very happy.

  • Rsz Revive Team 20

    Wouter Braekman

    Community Manager Watt The Firms

    Take a large amount of customer-friendliness and mix this with organizational talent, finish it with a pinch of no-nonsense and you have the basis of my recipe. Out of office with the family impossible to choose between sporting skiing on the Matterhorn or enjoying the sunset on Ibiza. Good vibes only!

  • Revive  Team 05 72Px

    Charlotte Boelens


    Helps members based on the conviction that ‘optimism is key’. Dreams of exotic places and, if possible, seeks adventure in sporting activities. Loves delicious gerechjes (meals) and always knows how to entertain friends with her knowledge of wine.

  • Reindert 360X410

    Reindert Van Herreweghe


    Afkomstig van ’t zeetje, waar je hem ook kan vinden als ’t waait of er golven staan. Heeft van data ‘soigneren’ zijn levensdoel gemaakt, want garbage in = garbage out (en dat valt niet te recycleren). Houdt van fiets en eens lekker gaan eten.

  • Revive Sophie Blomme

    Sophie Blommé

    Graphic & Digital Creative

    Een enthousiaste creatieveling die veel energie krijgt van gezellig borrelen met vrienden en familie, hier en daar een dansje placeren, bootcamp, watersporten en off course reizen! Deze Westfluut nam de passie voor ambacht van haar grootvader over en als bag designer vind je haar dan ook geregeld achter haar stik- of schalmmachine terug.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 68 Beste Cristina

    Cristina Vanlook

    Digital Strategist

    Like Saint Nicholas, she comes from Spain but grew up in the districts of the Limburg coal mines. For a moment of concentration, she will isolate herself with Flamenco music. Everything that has to do with digital marketing, she will enthusiastically work on. When she is not at work you will always find her with a book, which she is reading, reading to her son or writing herself. So look out for her novel.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 82Beste

    Walt Okafor

    Innovation Manager

    Eager to work, assertive, loyal and Team Player. It could just be his scouting totem. Originally from West Flanders but living in Antwerp and never hiding his accent. Always in the mood for a good joke. Passionate about everything that has to do with real estate innovation.

  • Revive Portretten Maart 58

    Saïd Fadili

    Project Developer

    The Frenchy of the team! Although he has been living in Brussels since 2009, his southern accent takes you back to his native region, the Pyrenees. In fact, you'll often run into him over there! Mainly on the hiking trails, passing on his love of nature, mountains and hiking to his two sons. Saïd is also an epicurean. He won't be the last to bring a treat to share or have a drink with his colleagues! Working for Revive was an obvious choice, as he shares the same vision of ethical, social and ecological commitment.

  • Mg 1828

    Tomasz Cyprysiak

    Construction Manager

    Inżynier z wieloletnim doświadczeniem realizacyjnym. W trakcie swojej kariery starający się zawsze znaleźć równowagę między aspektami ekonomicznymi i estetyką architektury oraz ergonomią. Hołdujący hasłu, że w prostocie jest inteligencja.

    Poza pracą aktywny tenisista, kibic lokalnego zespołu piłki nożnej.

    Dbający o naturę i cieszący się z jej odkrywania.

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