Sustainable total package

Revive wants to offer an honest and respectful answer to the future of living. In every project we undertake, we choose a sustainable holistic approach. The first thing we always think about is creating energy-efficient buildings. But there's more to it than that. We develop a far-reaching vision on mobility, focus our efforts on creating a socially dynamic community, opt for high-quality and timeless architecture, and we give priority to open space and green zones.


Together with leading architects, we always opt for a diverse range of housing styles and an outspoken and qualitative architectural design. A critical examination of the design brief lays the foundation for achieving the highest possible quality. The manner in which the architecture relates to its surroundings and managing this within the existing spatial and functional context are also crucial in our approach. When drawing up a master plan, the main outlines of the complete programme are defined. These principles are then worked out further in various phases. The goal of creating spatial and architectural quality forms the basis in realising functional, attractive and sustainable projects. We never stick to a standard approach, but always try to innovate. That's why we give our architects a vision paper when they get started, and not a specification sheet with structural elements and standard measurements, because how on earth will every individual family simply click into a standard system?

Energy solutions

Goodbye to CO2, welcome to renewable energy and smart technologies! Ever since day one, it was perfectly clear to us that each home we built would have to be 100% future-proof. With heat pumps and solar panels, for instance, we generate our own energy that we can store straight away in our own micro grids. The aim is always to reach an e-level that falls below the legally prescribed limit. Every form of fossil fuel, whether it's fuel oil or natural gas, is avoided wherever possible. And for our building projects, we always give preference to materials from local family-run businesses.

Focus on mobility

Soft mobility (cycling and walking) and low-traffic neighbourhood planning always come first. It is crucial that our sites interlink perfectly with the existing network of cycling and pedestrian paths. Our residential communities are also always close to the city, the station or an arterial road. With the bicycle, or even on foot, you can easily reach the city centre or a bus or tram stop. Cars, therefore, are given a different role. But they aren't banned altogether. Parking is underground, additional parking space is provided for visitors and charging stations for electric cars ensure the neighbourhood is entirely ready for the future.

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Open space and plenty of green

The ultimate dream of Revive is to give every resident more quality and joy in life. Every project is an invitation to live a better and happier life. Besides a home with a cosy garden or an apartment, Revive provides you with ample public green space to fully enjoy your living community. The landscape takes on an increasingly important role in developing the site, where a large area becomes public domain. In addition, Revive plans in so-called ‘community buildings’, which every resident has a key to. Communities come to life and relationships blossom thanks to the strong ties with neighbours. These relationships allow us to grow further as a society and to build towards a positive future and sustainable prosperity.