Sustainable transformation

Revive invests in the sustainable transformation of old industrial sites. The full potential of these sites is realised, meaning that non-urbanised areas can be spared. Examples are the old factory of lubricant manufacturer Elektrion in Ghent, or the former printing facility of Die Keure in Bruges. Every one of these sites is revived and transformed into new neighbourhoods where life is pleasant.

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Brown to bright

Transforming the urban cysts into refreshing and sustainable communities to live in. With social and ecological returns! This is our ambition every day of the week. Revive concentrates on brownfield sites, derelict land and vacant buildings instead of undeveloped areas or greenfield land, simply because brownfield redevelopment is the only respectful answer to a sustainable future for our society. Our mission is to regenerate obsolete and contaminated sites and turn them into sustainable neighbourhoods: green living areas with a healthy social, demographic and functional mix.

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Investing in the future

Whenever we develop land, we do so with a vision towards the future. Striving for social and ecological solutions is important, much more important than the financial goal. The first thing to do is look at society and its needs, and look for the right product or service to meet those needs. We are firm believers in participation and information, and a perfect balance between living, working and leisure.

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With respect

When it comes to the project's identity, its architecture and the building process, Revive always respects the history of the site. In spite of the often contaminated and sometimes negative past of our projects, we continuously try to incorporate the positive elements into the site's new future. For instance, we do what we can to reuse the demolition materials, involve archaeologists when starting the work, and we always try to integrate original elements into the new architecture.

Developing with Revive?

Do you own a site you want to talk to us about? Or would you like to know more about how we work? Please send an email to with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.